Reflexología infantil Marbella

Learn how to strengthen your child’s health with simple foot massages

Children’s reflexology is an ideal tool for mothers and fathers to naturally care for and support the health and well-being of their children.

It is an easy technique to learn and apply and the response from children is immediate.

It is very effective, able to alleviate and reduce the discomforts of the most common childhood illnesses, and children will get sick less often. It is also a way of reinforcing positive family bonding.

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Reflexology workshops for families

we show you how to make these easy massages so that you can apply them to your child wherever and whenever you want.

A natural first aid kit so that you can attend to their needs at any time, both as prevention and treatment.

reflexología infantil Marbella

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What will you learn?

Nervous system: To help them relax and rest better, night terrors, nightmares.

Immune system: To boost and strengthen their defences (bronchiolitis, gastroenteritis, otitis…).

Digestive system: Infant colic, gas, constipation, teething, mouth sores, reflux, vomiting, worms…

Urinary system: Urinary tract infections, enuresis.

Respiratory system: colds, flu, bronchitis, cough, mucus, asthma…

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How can you learn?

You have 2 modalities:

• Complete workshop

• Monographs specific to each system

Face to face / Online ~ In group / Private

If you live in Marbella we do it in person

Reflexología infantil Marbella

How is each session structured?

Doubts and questions about the system that has been learned the previous week

Theoretical part: What it is used for, which organs and glands are involved and how it can help.

Practical part: We learn how to massage the system

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Reflexología infantil Marbella

Structure of the complete workshop

Session 1: Session 1: Presentation and the nervous system

Session 2: Immune system

•Session 3: Digestive system

Session 4: Urinary system

Session 5: Respiratory system

Session 6: Reinforcement and general revision

Reflexología infantil Marbella

Group: 6 ssesions ~ En Private at home: 4 sesiones

Length of each session: 2 hours

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What material will you receive?

•Explanatory dossier and sheets of what we learn in the workshop.

•Ecological cream to do the massages (if you do it in person).

•Explanatory videos with all the movements you have learnt step by step.

Reflexología infantil Marbella

What are the monographs like?

If you don’t want to do the whole workshop, you have the possibility to learn in modules.

Each meeting lasts approximately 2:30 minutes.

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Prices per family

Complete workshop

(6 sessions | 2 hours each one )

Group: 169€

Private at home: 339€

Complete online Workshop

(6 sessions | 2 hours each one )

Group: 149€

Private: 239€


(1 session | 2 hours each one )

Group: 69€

Private at home: 99€

Online Monograph

(1 session | 2 hours each one )

Group: 59€

Private: 79€

(Prices are inclusive of VAT)

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The complete and monographic workshops include:

Live sessions (face-to-face and online) + Explanatory material in pdf + Audiovisual material with access forever + Gift kit (face-to-face).

Group sessions have a minimum of 3 families and a maximum of 6 families.

If you do a monographic session and then want to do the complete workshop, the amount of the monographic session will be discounted from the total price.


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